Infopreneur Institute
Launch Your Profitable Infopreneur Business in 6 Steps
Infopreneur Institute
Turn Your Life Experience into Income
Launch Your Profitable Infopreneur Business in 6 Steps
You have life experience that has become your life passion. 
Whether it's piano repair, astrophysics, social media management, water color painting,
dating after divorce, website design, or corporate leadership: you've got the hard part down. 

You already know what you're passionate about and how to do it better than anyone else.
What You Don't Know Is...
+ How to Position Yourself as the "Go-To" Expert in Your Field
+ How to Monetize Your Knowledge to Generate Real, Sustainable Income
+ How to Design Your Business Around Your Ideal Lifestyle
I get it. The process for launching your online, information-based business is confusing. I will make it clear and easy.
Just ask these guys...
Chris Phelps
"Bailey, let me say you are an awesome speaker, great teacher, easy to listen to, and I really enjoyed the course!"
Mobolaji Akinpelu
"Bailey is a lady on a mission - one who has discovered the rewarding independence of entrepreneurship, and is inspired to help others discover such fulfillment."
Sergio Gonzalez
"Anybody would benefit from Bailey's wealth of experience and knowledge!"
Infopreneur Institute is the 6-step program which shows you how to create and grow an online, information-based business from scratch.
This course puts an end to the iconic new-infopreneur problem of stretching oneself too thin, trying to juggle 20 tasks at once as you work to get your business off the ground. 
I walk you through, step-by-step, the 6-step process that needs to be followed in order to launch a profitable online information-based business without succumbing to overwhelm

Bailey Richert
Hi! I'm Bailey.
Business Coach for Infopreneurs
I help individuals launch and grow profitable online enterprises as “infopreneurs”: respected experts in their fields creating value and generating income by sharing their life experience, knowledge and passions with others in a manner that supports their ideal lifestyles.

Learn more about me and my work at
Let Me Guess Where You Are Right Now in Your Online Business
Because I've Been There Before Too...
You think you need to do everything.
Truth: You don't need a blog, 2 podcasts, 3 ebooks, 5 online courses and 7 different training programs.
You don't know in what order to perform tasks.
Truth: You do need a sales funnel, but not before you identify your niche and target audience.
You've wasted time on tasks that don't make money.
Truth: Sharing inspirational quotes on Pinterest is never going to make you a millionaire. Really.
Instead of wasting precious time and money frustrating yourself to the point you give up, 
you need to follow a road map that will lead you straight to success...
Just like the folks in these case studies did, 
What You Need is a Road Map to Show You Where to Start
and how to get to where you are headed
Infopreneur Institute
Launch Your Profitable Infopreneur Business in 6 Steps
What is inside the Infopreneur Institute Online Course?
7 Core Video Course Modules
Learn the 6-Step Process to
Launch an Infopreneur Business
13+ Hours of Video (with Expert Interviews)
The 6-Step Process to Launch an Infopreneur Business from Scratch
Introduction to Infopreneurship
+ Welcome by Instructor and Business Coach Bailey Richert
+ What is Infopreneurship? 
+ Who Can Be an Infopreneur? (with Jordanna Jaffe)
+ How to Position Yourself as an Expert (with Richard Petrie)
+ Glossary of Infopreneur Business Terms
Step 1: Choose a Niche
+ What is a Niche?
+ Considerations When Choosing a Niche: Size, Profitability, Growth
+ Action Items: Niche Research + Choosing Your Niche
Step 2: Define Your Message
+ Focus Your Message to Avoid Potential Client Confusion
+ Creating a Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Message (with Samantha Hartley)
+ Clarify What You Teach With a Framework
+ Incorporate Your Backstory to Create a Simple Narrative
+ Action Items: Defining Your Message, Crafting a Framework + More
Step 3: Craft Your Brand
+ Introduction to Infopreneur Business Branding
+ Considerations for Choosing a Business Name
+ Infopreneur Branding 101 (with Andrea Beltrami)
+ Canva (Free Online Design Tool): A Tutorial
+ Perfecting Your Headshot Photograph (with Lauren Demby)
+ Action Items: Crafting a Cohesive Brand and Booking Your Headshots
Step 4: Build a Platform
+ Content Marketing 101: Establishing Authority, Trust with Free Content
+ Website Essentials: Your 'Home' on the Internet (with Amber Vilhauer)
+ How to Use Blogging as a Content Marketing Method (with Jan Koch)
+ Dissecting the Perfect Infopreneur Blog Post (+45 Blog Post Ideas)
+ Promoting Your Content on Social Media (with Wendy McClelland)
+ Action Items: Choosing a Platform + Creating Your First Content
Step 5: Create Revenue Streams
+ Understanding Active vs. Passive Revenue Streams
+ Exploring Ebook Self-Publishing: Strategies, Tools + More (with Tyler Wagner)
+ Exploring Online Courses: Tools, Pricing, Video Setup + More (with Cameron Mattis)
+ Exploring Coaching Programs: Package for Success
+ Exploring Paid Public Speaking: Your Speaker's Page + More
+ Exploring Affiliate Marketing: Using Blog Links vs Joint Ventures
+ Action Items: Choosing Your Revenue Streams + Getting Started
Step 6: Develop a Sales Funnel
+ What is a Sales Funnel in Theory? (4-Step Lead Attraction + Conversion)
+ Basic Opt-In Sales Funnels in Practice (+ ClickFunnels Overview)
+ Key Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Sales Funnel
+ Building Your List with Contests + Giveaways (with Travis Ketchum)
+ Action Items: Creating Your Lead Magnet + First Funnel
Dr. Ian Hoffman
"I have known I wanted to become an infopreneur for a while. I've read, listened to, and watched many of the masters. The problem was, I had no idea how to get started and felt overwhelmed. Bailey Richert's Infopreneur Institute was exactly what I needed. It helped me organize my thoughts, get clear on my market, develop a strategy for reaching them, and go for it! As an added bonus, Bailey has a heart of gold and is a true pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to know how to become an infopreneur. Thanks Bailey!"
Video Interviews, Lessons + Freebies  from 11 Expert Infopreneurs
($997 Value)
Samantha Hartley
Cameron Mattis
Wendy McClelland
Richard Petrie
Andrea Beltrami
Tyler Wagner
Amber Vilhauer
Lauren Demby
Travis Ketchum
Jordana Jaffe
Jan Koch
You have the passion to turn your life experience into a profitable online business. All you need is a roadmap. Infopreneur Institute is that guide.
3 Monthly Payments
  • 7 Core Course Modules
  • Lifetime Access to Course Materials
  • All Future Content Updates + Bonuses Provided Free
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  • 7 Core Course Modules
  • Lifetime Access to Course Materials
  • All Future Content Updates + Bonuses Provided Free
Frequently Asked Questions
When does this course begin?
The Infopreneur Institute online course is completely self-paced. There is no official "start date". You will have access to the materials in your account 24/7 for life upon registration! Login and learn anytime.
What makes this course different from other online business programs?
Other online business programs are generic in nature, offering general business advice for a number of enterprises you might begin. This course is specifically intended for those entrepreneurs who want to make a living as an "infopreneur", someone who shares their knowledge and life experience by creating, marketing and selling digital products. Additionally, whereas other online programs might be specifically geared towards one aspect of online infopreneurship (like how to self-publish a book or how to create an online course), Infopreneur Institute is intended to give someone the very beginner business knowledge they need in an array of topics that will prepare them for success.
Do I need a website or email list before taking this course?
Nope! This course is intended for very beginning infopreneurs. We expect that you wouldn't have these things before beginning the course. If you do, that's fine too! But if not, we'll go over the essential elements of an infopreneur website and some basic email list-building strategies.
How many other things will I need to buy to launch an infopreneur business?
That completely depends on how you wish to structure your online business. There are no additional products you have to buy in order to finish this course. Of course, you will need to invest in some online products in order to run your infopreneur business, like an email newsletter host and website host, for example. In this course, we do discuss and endorse some products that we, as successful infopreneurs, use and love. We also include with this course many discounts on products that infopreneurs often use so that you can try them out before committing. Ultimately, you will have to dive in and test out what products are going to work for your ideal lifestyle, then choose based on your business structure and preferences. Infopreneurship doesn't have to be an expensive endeavor, and your decision to purchase products is up to your discretion. 
Are the course materials downloadable?
The video lectures in this course are not downloadable, but you will have 24/7, lifetime access to your account once you are registered.
What is your refund policy?
I am confident that you will love your Infopreneur Institute course because of all the amazing value it contains. If, however, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, a refund is possible under the following conditions. Refunds may be requested only within 7 days of purchase, and a refund will be granted only if the user has not yet taken advantage of the bonuses offered in the course. These conditions help make the process fairer to those who have paid and remain in the course. Please note that customers who request and are granted a refund will have their access to all course materials and bonuses immediately revoked. Still have questions? Email [email protected]
You have the passion to turn your life experience into a profitable online business. All you need is a roadmap. Infopreneur Institute is that guide.
3 Monthly Payments
  • 7 Core Course Modules
  • Lifetime Access to Course Materials
  • All Future Content Updates + Bonuses Provided Free
Pay in Full and Save $10
  • 7 Core Course Modules
  • Lifetime Access to Course Materials
  • All Future Content Updates + Bonuses Provided Free
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