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Launch Your Profitable Infopreneur Business in 6 Steps
Turn Your Life Experience Into Income
Launch Your Profitable Infopreneur Business in 6 Steps
Completely New to Infopreneurship?
No problem! Download the completely FREE Infopreneur Toolkit - a resource pack designed to help a beginner learn the basics of building an online business turning their life experience into income through info-products and services:
- What is a infopreneurship?
- Who can become an infopreneur?
- What are the benefits of starting an infopreneur business online?
- What is the process for starting an infopreneur business?
Hi! I'm Bailey.
Business Coach for Infopreneurs
I help individuals launch and grow profitable online enterprises as “infopreneurs”: respected experts in their fields creating value and generating income by sharing their life experience, knowledge and passions with others in a manner that supports their ideal lifestyles.

Learn more about me and my work at
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